our relationships are strained
work or school is stressful
we experience physical pain 
we have finanical trouble
we feel lonely and need companionship
we get tired and need rest

life is just hard!

And in the midst of the struggle, it can be difficult to see the blessings.

But just because we can't see them doesn't mean they are not there.

During trials, God will....

build your endurance
cause you to pray
reveal your hidden sin
develop your character 
activate your hope
allow you to feel His love deeply
draw you closer to Him

so you can rejoice in your suffering!

In this audio devotional, you will learn… 

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Wow, Session 2 really hit me hard. I'm going through a tough time right now. I feel so exhausted physically and mentally. And I've been looking for endurance in the wrong place. Every word you spoke was as if you watched a movie of my life and you're giving me advice. I've been praying and waiting for everything to change around me, the circumstances, the people. I laughed when you said that because it's like you're talking directly to me.
Gracia Moore

When should you listen?

listen while cleaning

listen while exercising

listen while driving

listen while resting

What exactly do you get?

Rejoice in our suffering

Audio Devotional Series

6 Audio Sessions
(approximately 15 min each, mp3 format)

  • Session 1: Why we can REJOICE in our suffering
  • Session 2: How to ENDURE during our suffering
  • Session 3: The CHARACTER traits of Jesus that we take on through our suffering
  • Session 4: Where our HOPE can be found in the midst of suffering
  • Session 5: How we expereince GOD’S LOVE because of our suffering
  • Session 6: Who the HOLY SPIRIT is and the role He plays in our suffering

Plus these

Bonus #1

Use this corresponding printable journal to dig deeper into what God is revealing to you through the audio devotional. Includes additional scriptures & questions to help you reflect on God’s Word.

Bonus #2

Spending time with God is the most important habit you can have. 
Learn 3  Tips to Help You Stay Faithful that will help you grow in this relationship.

Hi! I’m Alison

I am a busy, audacious, outgoing, sometimes irritable, but always blessed, woman. Though I have been a Believer for over a decade, I stopped investing in my relationship with the Lord years ago and found myself discontent and angry. I didn’t WANT to be this way, but I just couldn’t “get happy!” 

It wasn’t until I started making time for God and His Word every day, praying to Him unashamedly and listening for His response that things started to change. I have come a long way in my walk with Jesus since then!

No matter where you are in your journey, I am excited to walk along with you!