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Hey busy lady,

I bet you want to be a good mom, a loving wife, a humble leader, a willing worker, and a devoted friend.

But right now, you are tired, overwhelmed,
and maybe even feel a little hopeless.

I see you. You are busy and exhausted.

But what if I told you that you can find joy in the middle of all the crazy chaos?

That you can use your gifts and talents to make an impact on others in your life – today!

Would you believe me?

happy busy mom with kids

The missing piece of the puzzle is a strong relationship with the Lord.

But how do you (re)start to grow your relationship with Jesus? 
How do you build that connection when all your past attempts have failed?

Find Out How

What makes me think I can help you?

Because I have been right where you are now.

Alison Simmons sitting

I survived for years on fumes, failing at marriage and motherhood, seeking happiness and contentment in all the wrong places. 

I felt unfulfilled as a SAHM and even trapped in the life God had given me.

Until the boat finally capsized and I realized that God was the only one who could change how things were.

God showed me that I needed to stop just looking like a Godly woman and actually start living like one.


I finally realized all the ToDo lists, scheduleschore charts and routine cards in the world will not bring the peace I was looking for  because life is always throwing curve balls. Even the best-laid plans will get derailed!

Have ever though or said…

  • “I’m too busy and have no time for Quiet Time.”
  • “I’m so distracted by everything I need to get done that I can’t focus.”
  • “When I don’t read my Bible, I feel guilty. When I do read my Bible, I don’t get anything out of it. I can’t win!”
  • “I just don’t understand what I’m reading. They are just words on a page.”
  • “I don’t know how to apply the Bible to my day-to-day life.

Friend, you are not alone!

Stick with me and learn how connecting with God for a few minutes a day will bring you true JOY no matter your circumstances.

Want to get started right now but don’t know how?

I got you, girl!

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grace over perfection podcast with alison simmons

Want to hear how building your relationship with God can ACTUALLY change you? Because am ready to share the good, bad, and really ugly with you.

In the Grace Over Perfection Podcast, I share my real-life FAILS and how God has molded me into “a vessel ready for good works.”

DISCLAIMER: I am an Enneagram 8 from Jersey. If you are going to hang with me, you can expect me to tell it like it is. That means calling out my mess as well as yours. You gotta be okay with me pushing you to grow and encouraging you to persevere.


Alison does a great job of being vulnerable and relating to everybody. She meets us where we are at! I so appreciate her heart for the Lord and her family!

Shari Emhoff
Alison is the real deal! Every woman, every momma, needs this kind of encouragement and an example of failing forward in pursuit of Jesus! Grace over perfection, a journey I’m totally on board with!

Baylie Cockerham
I love Alison! She is inspiring and honest. If you are looking for transparency then you are in the right place. I’ve been following Alison for some time and I love that she doesn’t sugar coat anything.

Shauna Walker

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