MY story


I am a busy, audacious, outgoing, sometimes irritable, but always blessed, woman. Though I have been a Believer for over a decade, I stopped investing in my relationship with the Lord years ago and found myself discontent and angry. I didn’t WANT to be this way, but I just couldn’t “get happy!” 

It wasn’t until I started making time for God and His Word every day, praying to Him unashamedly and listening for His response that things started to change. I have come a long way in my walk with Jesus since the

THE website story

So what is the point of this website? With all the resources out there about how to grow spiritually, why would I feel like I had anything worth contributing?

Well, here’s the thing, I am a checklist kind of girl. I love schedules, meal plans and chore charts. Color-coded day planners with stickers are really my jam! So how did I approach the task of becoming the perfect biblical example of womanhood?

ALL WRONG. That’s how.

I spent years trying to become the Proverbs 31 Woman by going through the chapter verse by verse,  checking off the boxes trying to achieve, what I thought was God’s design for women. 

But God opened my eyes to who the Proverbs 31 Woman really is.

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting,
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

your story

Do you know who God made you to be?

We get so many mixed signals from the world about who we should be that we can often lose sight of who God calls us to be. 

But when you discover your TRUE identity is IN CHRIST, you will stop trying to check all the boxes and realize that God’s design for you isn’t really about you!

Need help? Download this5 page, fill-in-the-blank, mini journal and discover your true identity!

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