How to grow closer to God in just 5min a day

5 days, 5 minutes a day,
to grow the
ONE relationship that
matters most

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i get it.
you’re busy.

You want to be a good mom, a loving wife, a humble leader, a willing worker, and a devoted friend. You want be a Godly woman.

But you don’t know how to grow closer to God.

Got 5 minutes?

If you spend at least that much time scrolling social media, watching tv, sitting in your car waiting or eating a snack…

Then you have time to grow closer to god!

Show Me How

What are the biggest struggles keeping you from spending committed, focused time with God?

#1 – Too much to do, NO TIME TO DO IT ALL

Learn how to plan ahead and make it easy to follow through.

#2 – too many distractions, can’t focus

Learn the method that allows you to concentrate on the Bible passage your are reading.

#3 – The Bible doesn’t make sense, i don’t know how to apply it to my daily life

Answer these 3 questions that will help you understand what the Scripture says and how it applies to your life today.

Get The Plan

I see you and I have been where you are.

I am a busy, audacious, outgoing, sometimes irritable, but always blessed, woman.

Years after becoming a Believer, I stopped investing in my relationship with the Lord and found myself discontent and angry.
I didn’t WANT to be that way, but I just couldn’t “get happy!” 

Can you relate?

Mom working while ignoring child
mom in a messy house
married couple arguing
Can't see the blessings Grace Over Perfection


It wasn’t until I started making time for God and His Word every day, praying to Him unashamedly,
and listening for His response that things started to change. 

I have come a long way in my walk with Jesus since then and I excited to help you do the same. 

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