How To Spend Time With God When You Have NO Time

how to spend time with God when you have no time

INSIDE: Life is BUSY! Many women struggle with how to spend time with God while juggling all the responsibilities they have in a single day, so they just don’t. But what they are missing out on is the source of strength that can help them juggle all those responsibilities well. Learn 3 easy ways to spend time with God even when you have NO time.

I have this dear friend who has this habit of asking me uncomfortable questions. “Tell me, Alison, how has your time with God been lately?”

U-G-H!!! Seriously?! Do we have to go there?! I am a mother of 5 kids, I run my own business, I support my husband who runs his own business, I manage our families finances, I cook, clean, do laundry…

I didn’t even know how to spend time with God with all that going on!!

When I asked her how she always knew when I wasn’t having my quiet time with the Lord, she just smiled and asked,” So how have you been treating your children this week?” or “How are you and your husband getting along?” Ouch! That’s was a punch to the gut.

But you know what? She was on to something.

I may be “taking care of my family” every day, but that doesn’t mean I’m doing it with the right attitude. An attitude that seeks to bring glory to God in every single task, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem. And I know that it’s because I am not being filled by God.

Can you relate?

How many mornings have you thought about reading your Bible, but jumped on social media instead? Have you ever started to pray only to let your mind wander to thinking about the messages you need to respond to and errands you need to run as soon as you finish your “quiet time?” When have you had opportunities to listen to a sermon but tuned in music?

How many days have passed by in a blur before you find yourself at the end of another week and realize you haven’t been in your Bible at all?!

“Too many,” was my answer for a long time.

And you may be just like me! Thinking you don’t even know how to spend time with God with all that that is going on in your life, but in reality, you are missing out on perfect opportunities.

1 – PRAY

Here’s the thing about prayer, it does NOT have to be done in any one particular way at any one particular time. Prayer comes in many forms, some are more formal than others, but, at the core, all of them are a conversation with God. He wants to hear from you!

In Session 1 of the Rejoice in our Suffering audio-devotional, I describe this relationship like this: imagine you walk into a throne room and see the king sitting on his throne and you are trembling because, though you have been told He is good, kind king, you are in total awe of his majesty. Now, as you stand there, wanting to approach him, yet fearful to do so, he stands up and walks to YOU and holds out his hand and says, “Daughter, I am so glad you here. How are you? Tell me what you are excited about. Tell me what you are afraid of. What makes your heart happy and what makes it ache with pain because I want to know! So sit down with me and talk to me.” That is real access to God!

My prayer life has gone through many transformations in the past 10 years. Here are some ideas on how to spend time with God in prayer that made it easier for me:

Pray aloud as you are going about your day.

Why out loud? Because busy women get distracted easily and when we try to pray in our minds, too many other thoughts are competing for that brain activity. By praying aloud, it makes us focus on what we are doing and saying. Think you will sound stupid? It’s okay! God doesn’t care, I promise.

Use the Lord’s Prayer as a template.

Feeling clueless about where to even start? Use the Lord’s Prayer as a guide for myself. After all, Jesus taught the disciples to pray this way so it can’t be a bad way to go!

Write, Read, Repeat!

My current favorite way to pray is to write down a single prayer and repeat it all week long. Use a small notebook or an index card and tuck it into your Bible, day planner or purse. You can even stick it to your mirror, fridge or car dashboard. Just put the prayer somewhere you will see it DAILY and then read the prayer back to God. (Need help with this? Check out these Prayer Prompt Cards)


Writing things down is good for us because it helps our brains focus on the content as well as aiding us in recalling that information later. So just grab a blank notebook and choose a book of the Bible to start writing down verse by verse. (I would suggest the Sermon on the Mount from Mathew 5-7, Proverbs or Psalm 139). When you take just 5-15 mins during your day to WRITE OUT scripture, you will be amazed at how God will use it to speak to you!! (If you need a little more guidance, check out the Finding Your Faith journal)


Most of the busy woman’s day is spent on the move. Whether you are at work, at home or somewhere else, the fact is that time is precious and we rarely sit down. And if we do, it is because we are in the car commuting, carpooling or running a million errands. Listening to the bible, sermons online, podcasts or audio-devotionals is how to spend time with God when our hands are busy but our ears are not! (The YouVersion Bible app is a fantastic resource. You can also check out my audio devotional Rejoice our Suffering by clicking HERE)

Spending time with God matters, friend. Don’t miss out!

Need help MAKING time for God? Check this FREE Guide to step-by-step instructions on how to make time in your schedule for the most important 15 min of your day!

If you liked this post or it helps you in some way, please share it! There are other women out there who need to read it too!

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