WARNING: Are you Mistaking Meekness for Weakness?

Submission - Meakness is NOT Weakness

As a former military spouse, I once received a note from an outgoing Commanding Officer. It said, “Few gave it to me directly like you did!! You have a talent many CO’s envy.” I still have that note. He meant that I was BOLD, confident in my opinions and NEVER HESITANT to share them. While it was intended as a compliment, that is not the description I want as a wife. I am called to submit to my husband by demonstrating meekness. Fear not, Christian woman! Meekness is NOT weakness. Read on!

I explained in my post, Submission – Context is EVERYthing, how biblical submission is constantly misunderstood. Likewise, MEEKNESS is also often misused. When a person is described as “meek,” the image that comes to mind is timid, exceedingly passive, allowing others to walk all over them. That is NOT meekness.

So then what IS it?

Meekness is a peaceful & steady spirit.
It is humility & contentment.
It hopes in the Lord and waits on the Lord.

Meekness is NOT weakness, it is STRENGTH UNDER CONTROL.

“Our responsibility as women—true women of God—is to respond to [our husband’s] leadership in humility, graciously following and submitting to God-ordained authority. That does not mean we are to be brainless or weak or spineless. In fact, it takes incredible wisdom and strength of character to submit well in a way that is in accordance with the biblical pattern for submission.”

Nancy Demoss, Revive Our Hearts, What Submission Does and Does Not Mean

It takes incredible wisdom and strength of character to YIELD to another person’s opinions and/or authority.

When I disagree with my husband, yet choose not to fight with him, but instead choose to acknowledge that he wants what is best for our family and is making his decisions accordingly, I am submitting to his leadership and demonstrating meekness.

If my husband ends up being wrong and I choose not to say “I told you so,” but instead choose to help him fix the situation and make things right, I am submitting to his leadership and demonstrating meekness.

When my husband has an idea and I choose not to point out its flaws but instead choose to trust that the Lord is sovereign and in control of the outcome, I am submitting to his leadership and demonstrating meekness.

If I have something I want to buy/somewhere to go/something to do, and my husband doesn’t support me and I choose not to do it anyway, but instead I choose to honor his authority as the leader of our home, I am submitting to his leadership and demonstrating meekness.

Meekness is what makes submission from the heart possible!

What exactly is that God-given role?

To be the wife of my husband. To love him, respect him, honor him, help him and submit to him.

Jesus himself was the perfect example of meekness. He was FULLY MAN and yet also FULLY GOD at the same time. He submitted to the authority of His Father in heaven to bring forgiveness for the sins of the world. Jesus had strength and power yet He knew what He was designed to do and chose to fulfill His God-given role! Jesus, himself, shows us that meekness is NOT weakness.

Imagine if my husband were to give me a note…”No one has given me as much love as you have!! I have a marriage that many husbands envy!”

If this all seems impossible to you, don’t worry! I felt the same way at one time!! Stay tuned for the last post in this series Submission – What Does It Look Like In Reality to find out how I started to live out this submission in meekness in my marriage.

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