7 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Life

Do you like roller coasters? My husband and I LOVE them! A couple of summers ago, we rode the Mako at Seaworld…the front row…at night. It was INSANE!! After climbing to crazy heights, the first drop is so steep that I actually floated off my seat with the only thing keeping me from imminent death was the buckle around my waist and the bars over my shoulders. The rest of the ride did not disappoint. Talk about an ADRENALINE RUSH!

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Does that sound like fun to you? Or you get sick to your stomach just reading my description?

Like it or not, the fact is you are on a roller coaster…LIFE.

I know, I know, this analogy has been done so many times BUT when you take the time to really think about it, it fits so perfectly! So how do we cope? Here are 7 things every woman should have in her life to provide security like those bars over my shoulders…


Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Life - A Dayplanner

Paper or digital, it doesn’t really matter, but staying organized is super helpful! Having ONE place to keep track of important dates, jot down notes & keep your TO-DO List is important, especially if you are bad at organizing. Personally, I love my Golden Coil planner because it is customizable, but something simple from Walmart can just as effective!


Is there a movie that you love no matter what mood you are in? Can’t sleep, stressful day, feeling sad but don’t know why, or just plain bored…You’ve Got Mail is my go-to chick flick! There is something about Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan that just magically soothes me.


Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Life - A True Friend

This is the woman you can call when you want to share anything. She is excited for you, sad with you, comfort you, but won’t coddle you. And she will even show up and take your kids off your hands when she knows you are just DONE!


Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Life - Chocolote

Oh yes, I always have a few pieces of hidden chocolate tucked away in the back corner of the fridge. Usually, it is something simple, like a Hershey bar, but occasionally I go big with something extra special like Salted Caramel Ghirardelli!! Pick your poison, but keep it stashed away where no one else can find it because some days, you just need a treat!


Even if you don’t wear make-up, THIS is something you may want to consider. The “perfect shade” is not bold nor overly subtle. It is the shade that brightens your face and accents your skin tone. It prevents you from looking washed out & tired even if you don’t have any other make on at all. Buy several and stash them in different bags, as well as keep one at home. It is a quick, easy fix when you need to look/feel more awake & put together than you really are.

I had my colors done when I turned 13 and fell in love with Mary Kay’s Frosted Rose! I have been wearing it for 16 years!!


Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Life - A Theme Song

Ok, this one may seem a little odd BUT try it out! What song really rings true when you hear the lyrics? This can change depending on what is going on in your life, but find a song that builds you up & gives you the courage to face the day. Download and play it often!!!


7 Things Every Woman Should Have in Her Life - A Bible

While all of the things I have listed above are definitely part of my arsenal, my Bible is the only place I know I will find TRUE comfort. I use a Scripture Writing Journal every morning. It helps me focus on what is most important right from the start! Now, that doesn’t mean the rest of my day is guaranteed to go smoothly, BUT it does set my mind on the things above.

Life IS a roller coaster and it is moving at HIGH speeds, with MAJOR ups & downs, UNEXPECTED twists & turns, and even loops that FLIP US OVER completely! So we need to learn how to cope because

There is NO getting off mid-ride!

Which of these 7 things that every woman should have in her life do YOU have/love the most? Comment below and let me know!


If you liked this post or it help you in some way, please share it! There are other women out there who need to read it too!

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